You can get a so-called "burger" anywhere. Once you've tried those, come to Sporty's for their always fresh, never frozen, hand pattied kind served on a local bakery fresh bun. We have several signatures to choose from, or build your own. Always served with a pile of fries. We are also masters of the deep fryer. Most items made from scratch, like our pulled pork, vegan black bean burger, chili, and sauces. Try our Cajun tots, the Cuban & our famous Chipotle White Chicken Chili! Late Night Menu! Full kitchen until 1:30 a.m., 7 days a week.  Join us for Happy Hour twice daily. Dine in or take out, Sportys anytime! Some people don't like dive bars...those people suck anyway!

Sportys has been in business since 1965. Back then the space was three separate businesses. The original bar was only the long narrow space in the middle. The original bar top extended almost the entire length of the room! The space with the games in it to the left of the entrance was originally a barber shop. And the large space to the right past the jukebox was a grocery store. Over the years those businesses closed, Sportys persevered and eventually expanded. Sportys has been known by several names over the years. The Como Inn, Grutes Place, and The Sportsmans bar.  Sportys as it exists today can largely be credited to Joe. Who bought the bar in 1998. He's the one who fought the fight to bring Full Liquor to Sportys in 2007. Up until then, all we could serve is 3-2. Which, for those of you who might not know; 3.-2  is a special beer made by the big breweries that by law, cannot contain more than 3.2% alcohol. Bars and restaurants are forced to serve this product after they've been deemed a public safety concern, or when they are located within densely populated neighborhoods. Joe is also the guy who renovated the storefront with all the tall windows, beautiful awnings and flower boxes. He was the one who finally changed the name from The Sportsmans bar to Sportys Pub. Although it had been called that for years by the regulars. It was Joe who brought in Mark Omeara around 2009. Mark was the Kitchen Manager by title. The General Manager by workload. And 100% responsible for the awesome beer program for which Sportys is now known. Mark moved on from Sportys in spring of 2018, but his unwavering philosophy; "I will never pour anything in the bar that I wouldn't buy for myself" can still be felt as you peruse the current lineup of rotating taps, or glance over at the "Coming Soon" shelf. Relationships that he spent the best part of a decade cultivating, continue to pay dividends in terms of specialty brews and rare one-offs to which we have access.

The last substantial change that occurred in Sportys timeline happened in 2012. Joe decided he had enough and struck deal with Chris who took over on July 4th that same year, and remains at the helm today. 

**PROLOGUE** It has come to my attention since writing the following paragraph, that the Sportsmans Bar referenced in this story is not ours located on 22nd and Como. But rather a different establishment altogether that was located on the North Side. It was leveled to make way for Interstate 94. But its still a cool story that deserves to be told anyway. So no need to delete it! Enjoy!!

 Coolest thing ever though...In 1972, a couple of men kidnapped Virginia Piper, (wife of the well known investment broker, Harry Piper. Most recognized for co - founding Piper Jaffray Investments) from her home in Orono MN. In a ransom note, authorities found a request for a one million dollar ranson (The largest in US history at the time), along with a very specific set of instructions to be followed exactly. The last stop on this wild goose chase was to The Sportsmans Bar.  With the ransom money in the trunk of the car, Harry was instructed to enter the bar through the back door. Approach the payphone , answer it on the 3rd ring,  in order to receive further instructions regarding the delivery of the ransom. Here is where the trail ended however. While he was in the bar, the money was lifted from the trunk. Nobody saw anything. The money was considered delivered, the kidnappers got away and Virginia Piper was returned to her husband unharmed. She was found chained to a tree in the Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth. Kenneth Callahan and Donald Larson (rumored to be regulars at the Sportsmans Bar) were indicted in 1977 for the kidnapping. They were convicted, but the verdict was overturned in an appeal. The case remains unsolved, and NONE of the ransom money has turned up! To this day it remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in Minnesota (arguably the US) history.

Welcome to Sportys!


Team Sponsorship

With a name like Sportys............. of course we sponsor sports teams!! 

Do you and your buddies play broomball? Kick ball? Dodge ball? We sponsor them all! Click here to find out more!

Charity Work

At its core, Sportys is a neighborhood joint. We support the people who support us. And one of our favortie things to do is to help out the folks who help out folks!  

Do you work with a local charity organization who could use some money? Maybe your neighbor has fallen on hard times and could use a boost? Or do you need a donation for your silent auction? We have a few fundraising packages that we use that have been extremely successful. contact Chris at chris@sportyspub.com for more information.